Unleashing My Inner Homer Simpson

AKA: Mmmm, donut ice cream. 

I’m not sure at what point in life where I realized that donuts aren’t really breakfast food. They’re dessert that we eat at the beginning of the day.

That realization pretty much took all the fun out of donuts/doughnuts for me.

Nevertheless, I do like to eat donuts (and consider them a dessert), though I’m at a bit of a loss at all the high-end donut shops popping up where each one is $2. Huh?

I know $2 is still “cheap” in the grand scheme of things…but…no. I want my donuts to cost less than one dollar. I’m old school like that.

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Right Ol’ Nutter Ice Cream

AKA: Toasted coconut ice cream.

Ok, before we start, I must get something off my chest: I hate when the name of a food item is, for example, coconut ice cream but it is just plain vanilla or sweet cream with coconut mixed in.

No, kids. That’s not coconut ice cream. That’s ice cream with coconut. There’s a difference.

This is the real deal. I have felt a bit like a nutter all weekend, as it is the 1st weekend of summer vacation in these parts. That means I have lost any resemblance of a schedule (No, I’m not one of those moms who do “summer school at home” or whatever. I did plenty of years of homeschooling, thankyouverymuch, and I’m never, ever going down that dark and scary path AGAIN.)

What do I do when I feel nutterish? I bake. Or, in this case, I make ice cream.

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You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone Cookies

AKA: Milk Chocolate and Bacon Cookies

I had an entirely different name for these cookies, but I realized the title above was a bit more appropriate. Why? I made these cookies for the very last event I’d attend at my children’s current school. It is both bitter and sweet (or, should I say, sweet and salty) but before I made my departure with a “good bye we won’t be coming back,” I handed out these cookies first. (Yes, I’m sad to leave. Yes, it is complicated. Good thing I’m a stress baker.)

Y’all. These are damn good cookies. So good that I do not think any of the kids had a chance to eat them, as the parents hovered in the kitchen, announcing to any newcomer that “The Generous Baker has made bacon cookies!”

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